• SOC Artish Make-up Equipment
  • SOC Artish Make-up Equipment
  • SOC Artish Make-up Equipment

Artish Make-up Equipment

$ 38.00

New Vibration Unit Concept with Make-up

This product uses over 12,000 micro vibrations to create a more natural and longer lasting makeup. It is faster than using your hands and the makeup is applied uniformly without causing clusters. It is designed to minimize the gap between the skin and the puff to create a more firm and sophisticated makeup.
Simple & Slim design makes it portable and easy to use wherever you are. The micro vibrations minimize the vibration in your hands and increases the puff vibration.
It is designed to be applicable with variety of cosmetics. It is easy to clean and replace the puff.


How to use:
Apply an appropriate amount of cosmetics on the puff. Press the power button to start vibration.
Gently apply on cheeks and forehead. Spread evenly over the entire face. Gently tap the areas that need extra coverage.
Press the OFF button and close cap when finished.


Purpose     Vibrating puff for makeup
Power Consumption     Less than 80mA
Manufacturing Standards     H:50    Φ:46
Voltage     3V
Battery     Lithium CR2032 Coin
Vibration     12,000 x per Min