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$ 18.00
Deep repair for day and damaged hair! Natural Camellia Oil and five essential oils (Argan, Avocado, Jojoba, Sweet Almond, and Grape Seed) that are good for damaged hair, provide deep repair for dry and extremely...
Han All Lim Herbal Essentials Hair Therapy Han All Lim Herbal Essentials Hair Therapy
$ 22.00
Medicinal Herb Silk Hair Essence! It is medicinal herb silk hair essence which helps to make the damaged hair elastic and healthy with vegetable oil according to medicinal herb oil complex prescription. Two layer Silk...
$ 25.00
Balancing care to your scalp with cooling bubbles! This refreshing scalp spa sparkling serum contains sparkling water that creates cooling bubbles that gently exfoliate and soothes scalp. Provides cooling sebum control with an herbal formulation...
$ 18.00
Infused with six naturally derived oils such as macadamia nut, almond, argan oil, sacha inchi, avocado, including 5% hemp seed oil, this facial & body oil offers nutrition and moisture to dry and flaky skin....
$ 32.00
3-IN-1 UV Protection + Treatment + Prevention hair loss More than 90% of the natural ingredients. Also, it contains real UV filter ingredients. (Uses US FDA approved safety-proven UV filter. Keratin complex with plenty of nutrients.(Protein +...
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