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$ 39.00
Cica Care! Cica Capsule Mask is a wash-off cream mask. It clears dead skin and sebum.The addition of green tea and clay ingredient ensure your skin retains moisture after using it!   Size: 10g * 10ea  ...
$ 25.00
Scinic’s All Day Fine Pore Line is designed for oily, acne prone skin and features lightweight, all-day sebum control and pore-tightening products! All Day Fine Pore SUPER Clay Mask removes dirt and oil, tightens and...
Pore-Tightening Pearl Clay Mask Pore-Tightening Pearl Clay Mask
$ 21.99
+Tightens Pores +Sebum Control +Deep Cleanse This clay mask reduces the appearance of pores and draws out impurities and purifies skin complexion. The mask is infused with pearl extract to brighten and even out skin complexion.  We’d...
$ 15.00
Clear dead skin & sebum! The Green Tea Purifying Clay Mask is a moist clay mask formulated with green tea water and natural scrubs to clear dead skin and sebum.The addition of green tea ensures...
$ 10.00
Based on Aloe Vera extract, this peeling mask gently removes impurities while soothing sensitive and, or irritated skin.
$ 10.00
Based on charcoal extract, shea butter, tea tree oil, peat extract, and black bamboo leaf extract, this peel off mask removes impurities and dirt without stripping away moisture. Anti-bacterial properties in tea tree oil and black bamboo...
$ 4.00
Clear pores and purify the skin! Cleanse and refresh your skin complexion! Ideal for dry, oily and combination skin types, the pioneering sheet mask creates fine carbonated bubbles when applied that works to deeply purify...
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