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Daeng Gi Meo Ri

Yellow Blossom Hair Treatment

$ 20.00

“Boasting the pleasant aroma and soft yellow glisten of rapeseed flowers, which carpet the ground with yellow flowers each spring!” Full of the bright, sunny color and healthy nutrients of Jeju rapeseed oil for the healthy management of both hair and scalp

< Pharmaceutical-Based Hair Loss Prevention / Dermatologist Tested >

- Hair Shine: Jeju rapeseed oil, full of the condensed nutrients of the rapeseed flower, provides all the nutrients needed to transform dry and lifeless hair into smooth and shiny hair. < Contains 0.1% Jeju rapeseed oil (based on 3,000mg/300ml)>

- Scalp nutrients & moisturizers: contains 10 different kinds of naturally-derived ingredients—including the Ecocert certified ingredients rosemary, sage, and lavender—as well as 5 types of herbal extracts, providing healthy nutrients and moisture to the scalp.

- Premium fragrance provided in cooperation with a leading French fragrance company: provides in cooperation with Charabot—an international fragrance company with 215 years of history—the fresh spring scent of Yellow Blossom’s rapeseed flowers delivers the happiness and excitement of a spring day well-spent among a field of flowers.

  • How to Use

After wetting the hair and scalp thoroughly with warm water, massage an ample amount of the product evenly into the hair and scalp. Rinse well.

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