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La Petite Kurious Natural Lip Tattoo La Petite Kurious Natural Lip Tattoo
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$ 5.99 $ 20.00
The best-selling Kurious Lip Tattoo! The newly packaged best-selling Kurious Lip Tattoo features a revolutionary silicone tip applicator for easy, precise application! This lip tattoo gives your lips a long-lasting and vibrant stain with a...
$ 15.00
Perfect lips all day! This lip top coat seals in lip color, prevents smudging, and keeps color vivid for all day wear.   Size: 5g   [unique_description_1] polyperfluoromethylisopropyl ether, silica silylate, adansonia digitata seed oil, helianthus...
$ 22.00
VT X BTS Super Tempting Liquid Lip Rouge specifically designed to fit lightly on the lips to provide intense and vivid lip colors.   Size: 4ml   How to Use:Apply with a tip from the center of...
$ 27.00
VT X BT21 Collaboration! Color sticks to lips immediately upon allpying so lip lacquer does not need to be applied multiple times for correction. Mocro oil covering the surface of the lips smoothes the lips...
$ 15.00
Velvet touch & Cotton fitting! Matte and smooth texture reduces friction and heavy touch to provide soft and light fitting.Express vivid coloring and durable lip shape, color uniformity and densities between lip shape, bend, and...
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