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VTXBT21 Lippie Stick (7 colors) VTXBT21 Lippie Stick (7 colors)
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$ 26.00
VT X BT21 Collaboration! Lippie Stick gives vivid color for a long time with creamy texture.Perfect coloring without re-applying.   Size: 3.5g   Color: #01 Brown Dawn (Shooky)#02 Sturdy Coral (RJ)#03 Mood Rose (Chimmy)#04 Burnt Pink (Cooky)#05...
$ 17.00
VT X BTS Gloria A moisturizing color lip balm around lips with soft watercolor.   Size: 3g   How to Use:Turn the dial on the bottom of the container and apply it gently from inside to...
$ 16.00
A split-stick tinted lip balm with 46% tinted lip color and 54% Shea butter lip Balm that enhances lips with a subtle hint of color and natural shine for a hydrating finish. Cherry MonkeyPure and clean...
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