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EyeBrow Tattoo EyeBrow Tattoo
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$ 14.99 $ 28.00
The best-selling Kurious Lip Tattoo! This long lasting eyebrow tattoo uses Ionic dyes that penetrate into the skin layer to maintain color for 3-7 days. It is fully water resistant and will stay put through...
$ 6.00
Seamless drawing! Designed for easy drawing with natural colors that blend with your natural brows. A slight powdery finish helps the color adhere to skin and eyebrows for long-lasting wear.   Size: 0.2g   [unique_description_1] #01 Brown...
$ 24.00
VT X BTS Super Tempting 3 in 1 eyebrow with 1.5mm microfibre allows drawing the perfect eyebrow shape from the inside of the eye out toward the temples.   Size: 0.07g   How to Use:First bush your...
$ 26.00
VT X BT21 Collaboration! Complete in two steps!All day perfect brow A two-step eyebrow that can be used in narrow, wide angles. The water-drop shaped tip and the screw brush draws eyebrows naturally. 2 type...
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