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$ 20.00
Centella Asiatica = Cica/Tiger Grass A subsidiary healing ointment for scars and skin ulcers. [unique_description_1] Centella Asiatica = Cica/Tiger Grass [/unique_description_1] [unique_description_2] [/unique_description_2]
Madagascar Centella Tone Brightening Capsule Ampoule Madagascar Centella Tone Brightening Capsule Ampoule
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$ 24.00
A fast absorbing ampoule that will provide you with clear and brightened skin. Essence-like textured ampoule with Madecassoside micro-beads that immediately melts on the skin, quickly absorbs with a soft and non-sticky finish.Patented ingredient with Madecassoside...
$ 19.00
A non-nano chemical sunscreen that blocks UV rays, while simultaneously hydrating the skin. Leaves skin with a moisturized, dewy finish. [unique_description_1] Hyalu-Cica Formula: Our unique combination of Centella Asiatica Extract and Hyaluronic Acids simultaneously heals and hydrates...
$ 20.00
A lightweight gel sleeping mask formulated with pear and melon fruit extract to calm and vitalize skin throughout the night. Overnight sleeping mask with no need for wash-off.Gel-type texture that is super light and moist for...
$ 22.00
A highly hydrating serum that also soothes and brightens the skin. Light gel-type serum for brightening and moisturization with non-sticky formulation.Hyalu-Cica formula calms and moisturizes dry and sensitive skin.5 layers of hyaluronic acid absorbs deeply into...
Madagascar Centella Hyalu-Cica Brightening Toner 210ml Madagascar Centella Hyalu-Cica Brightening Toner 210ml
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$ 20.00
A highly hydrating toner that helps to gently exfoliate while soothing and brightening the skin. Moisturizing toner with mild exfoliation.Hyalu-Cica formula calms and moisturizes dry and sensitive skin.Components of AHA+LHA exfoliates clogged pores and removes surface...
Madagascar Centella Watergel Sheet Ampoule Mask (5 sheet) Madagascar Centella Watergel Sheet Ampoule Mask (5 sheet)
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$ 15.00
An gel sheet mask with three times the standard moisture content to intensely soothe and hydrate the skin. Contains natural cornmint oil and Centella asiatica extract to cool and calm sensitive skin.Watergel sheet technology allows...
Madagascar Centella Cream 75ml Madagascar Centella Cream 75ml
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$ 21.00
A moisturizer that helps calm, hydrate and nourish skin damaged by harmful external environments.   HYDRATION FOR SENSITIVE AND DRY SKIN: To come up with moisturized skin, you need to strengthen moisture layer over your...
$ 17.00
A soothing cream that contains three actual lipid components of the epidermis layer to help repair the skin barrier. Barrier cream with soothing formula for sensitive skin.Contains 3 essesntial components to health skin; ceramide, cholesterol,...
$ 23.00
A soothing ampoule that helps calm and restore imbalance in the skin caused by harsh environments. 100% Centella asiatica extract from the untouched nature of Madagascar.SKIN1004's signature ampoule with a light watery texture and non-sticky...
$ 19.00
A gentle exfoliating toner that can be used daily to help exfoliate dead skin cells and is suitable for sensitive skin. GENTLY EXFOLIATE WITH PHA - PHA(Polyhydroxy Acids) gently removes the build-up of dead skin cells...
$ 22.00
A lightweight, oil-based cleanser that gently melts away makeup, dirt, oils and sunscreen without stinging the eye area. Size : 200ml   [unique_description_1] Ethylhexyl Stearate, Cetyl Ethylhexanoate, Sorbeth-30 Tetraoleate, Centella Asiatica Extract (10,000ppm), Helianthus Annuus...
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