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SkinFull Spot Ampoule 1.5ml (Volufiline 20%)

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Within 5 Days SkinFull Spot Ampoule 1.5ml (Volufiline 20%)

As the name implies, WITHIN 5 DAYS can show you the true results shortly. Selling close to 1 million units per month, WITHIN 5 DAYS is a new sensation as a total anti-aging care solution. 

Superior anti-aging, wrinkle care and brightening effects for all skin types including sensitive skin. With contents of 20% authentic Volufiline from Sederma, a renowned lab from France mixed with naturally derived ingredients, this is a premium skin care product that has been upgraded to another level. 
It is a dedicated ampoule for the face to lift up sagging and drooping skin into beautiful, resilient and elastic one. An user-friendly applicator allows to target hard to reach spots. WITHIN 5 DAYS will give you youthful and plumper face! 
What is Volufiline?
If you haven't heard of Volufiline, soon or later you will. As Volufiline increases its popularity, people are more interested in the better quality of Volufiline simply because it works! It is widely used in cosmetic products that do wonders under the skin without having to induce hormones such as progesterone and estrogen. 
It has amazing effects which possess the ability to redefine the curves of the skin or body in the way of cosmetic lipofilling type of action. When directly applied, it will increase cell size, increasing the volume where it is needed most. Therefore, when applied to the face, it will plump up for a fuller and youthful look. 
Within 5 Days can bring that youthful look you once had! Just use it every day! Within 5 Days contains genuine and high-quality Volufiline from a renowned lab, Sederma from France.
When using it for the first time, use 5 days straight to get the maximum results. One syringe is good for 3 to 4 times when used on both eye areas.






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