• VTXBTS Born Natural Oil to Foam
  • VTXBTS Born Natural Oil to Foam
VT Cosmetics

VTXBTS Born Natural Oil to Foam

$ 23.00

2 in 1 Hydrating Cleanser!

All-in-one cleansing care that finishes cleanly without troublesome double cleansing!

When oil touches the water, it turns into a bubble form that removes wastes and makeups and moisturizes the skin.
Oil to Foam is a slightly acidic oil that removes wastes and leaves a pleasnat feeling without double cleansing.


Size: 160ml


How to Use:
Pump the cleanser 2-3 times on dry hands and gently roll over the face.
Once the makeup and wastes melt down, add water to massage the face to make foams and rinse clean with lukewarm water.