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Thank You Farmer

True Water Deep Toner

$ 32.00

Deep-hydrating toner with a unique texture!

A deep-hydrating toner with a unique texture that refreshingly quenches the thirst of your skin as a glass of water that you drink in the morning.

  • Ampoule-like toner unlike most watery toner.
  • Very uniquely smooth texture that slides on the skin.
  • Instant hydration + soothing Hydrates and controls sebum at the same time to optimize oil-moisture balance.
  • Boosting effect for penetration of next skincare product and long-lasting makeup.
  • Whitening +wrinkle correction dual functions

For All skin type especially skin lacks of moisture & vitality.


Size: 150ml


How to Use:
After cleansing, dampen a cotton pad with toner or dispense onto palm to apply gently over face.