• Shea Butter Healing Foot Mask
  • Shea Butter Healing Foot Mask

Shea Butter Healing Foot Mask

$ 5.00

Intensive moisturizing solution, an oasis for your desert-like skin!

Enriched with Shea butter, the foot mask moisturizes and soothes skin.
It is easy to care your foot by just wear it just like socks.
Shea butter is full of natural Vitamin E, It can prevent dehydration from wild and dry skin. This mask is designed to shine and moisturize your foots.


Size: 18g / 2ea


How to Use:
After washing feet, wear the essence enriched foot mask and fix it with stickers.
Massage your feet so that the serum can be absorbed well. Remove it after wearing for 20 minutes. Gently massage any excess essence into the skin.