Secret Body Toning Kit

$ 15.00

The 2-step toning kit makes dull body skin look clean and refreshed!

STEP 01. Peeling pad
Removes dead skin cells in detail with the dual pocket-type peeling pad.

STEP 02. Tone-up Cream
Provide natural bright skin tone and moisturized finish with tone-up cream.


STEP 01. Peeling pad : 2 Single use patches *5
STEP 02. Tone-up Cream : 30ml


How to Use:
1. Before taking a shower, evenly apply the content with the white pure cotton side of STEP 01 Peeling pad on the armpit or body skin areas that require toning effect in a gentle rubbing motion.
2. By rubbing skin in a massaging motion, remove dead skin cells and impurities that come out along with the natural cellulose.
3. Using the pink micro fiber side, tidy up skin in detail.
4. After washing off with lukewarm water, apply an appropriate amount of STEP 02 Tone-up cream in a light tapping motion as a finishing touch.