• Probiotics Mask
  • Probiotics Mask
VT Cosmetics

Probiotics Mask

$ 38.00

Enhanced moisture!

Contains 3 kinds of beneficial bacteria for skin
VT probiotics mask enhance skin's ability to keep it moist with lactobacillus made by fermenting over one hundred million probiotics, yogurt extract, and bifida ferment lysate.

Lactobacillus: Moisturizing and strengthening skin barrier.
Bifida ferment lysate: Non-stick moisturizing and skin texture care
Yogurt extract: Prevent exfoliation


Size: 25g * 10ea



How to Use:
After cleansing, take the mask sheet out and apply it evenly across your face.
Peel mask from face after 10 to 20 minutes and gently pat the left over essence onto your face.