• Roboca Poli Kids Laundry Soap
Daeng Gi Meo Ri

Poli Kids Laundry Soap

$ 9.00

Kid-safe laundry soap containing 98% high purity soap!

Contains 98% high purity soap for low stimulation and excellent cleansing, making it convenient to use on children’s clothes that have to be washed frequently.
Based on the Donguibogam Gyeongokgo (Rehmannia root, ginseng, Poria cocos, honey) prescription and contains ECO-CERT shea butter and Jeju flower complex (rape flower, Thymus, Lonicera extracts) to protect children’s skin.
Contains plant-based cleansing ingredients to effectively remove stains from children’s clothes due to food, milk or feces.
Contains no artificial colors, mineral oils, bleaches, coal-type surfactants and animal-based ingredients for safer use.
Mild, yet fragrant premium baby powder scent stays even after washing clothes!


Size: 200g


How to Use:
Place clothes to be washed in water and rub to lather.
Gently wash clothes with hands and rinse 2-3 times

*For severely dirty or stained clothes, pre-wash first and then wash for better removal of stains.