• Roboca Poli Kids Laundry Detergent
Daeng Gi Meo Ri

Poli Kids Laundry Detergent

$ 15.00

$ 10.50

Premium high concentration laundry detergent for our children’s soft skin!

3X concentrated smooth neutral detergent requiring only 1/3 compared to other detergents; premium children’s laundry detergent that removes stains.
Based on the Donguibogam Gyeongokgo (Rehmannia root, ginseng, Poria cocos, honey) prescription and contains ECO-CERT shea butter and Jeju flower complex (rape flower, Thymus, Lonicera extracts) to protect our children’s soft skin and minimize skin irritation.

Fiber protection effect with plant-based cleansing ingredients derived from coconuts, and clean children’s clothes with heavy stains from food, etc.
It contains no artificial colors, mineral oils, bleaches, coal-type surfactants and animal-based ingredients for safer use.

Mild, yet fragrant premium baby powder scent stays even after washing clothes!



Size: 1000ml


How to Use:
Pour laundry detergent to the indicated line in water and gently wash clothes and rinse thoroughly 2-3 times.

Wash by using the indicated amount.
For best effects, place clothes in water with detergent and let stand for 30 minutes before washing!