• shushu Peel Off Nail Polish Enchanting Gold
  • shushu Peel Off Nail Polish Enchanting Gold
ShuShu Kids Cosmetic

Nail Polish (Enchanting Gold)

$ 13.00

$ 7.99

Safe, Water-based, Non-toxic, Eco-Friendly and High qualiy!

Using environmental friendly water based ingredients, SHUSHU Paint is a natural, eco-friendly nail polish designed for fancy girls.
Free from all toxic chemicals like D.B.P., Formaldehyde and Toluene, you can be sure that it is safe for all ages as you choose from a variety of vibrant colors!


Color: Enchanting Gold


Size: 10ml


How to Use:
Shake well before use and apply the polish onto nails using the brush.
After one coat is applied, wait for one minute and apply a second coat.


Discontinue use if following symptoms appear, and consult a physician if symptoms continue to persist.

  • Red rash, swelling, or skin irritation occurs upon application
  • Applied are has similar symptoms due to direct sunlight