EyeBrow Tattoo

$ 28.00

$ 14.99

The best-selling Kurious Lip Tattoo!

This long lasting eyebrow tattoo uses Ionic dyes that penetrate into the skin layer to maintain color for 3-7 days.
It is fully water resistant and will stay put through cleansing, showering, and swimming. The formula is gentle and safe for use around eyes.


Tattoo Pen 0.14 fl oz.
Tinted Eyebrow Mascara 0.17 fl oz.


How to Use:
Apply onto clean, dry face before applying any other products (Recommended to apply at night so the pigment can adhere overnight). Outline your brow in desired shape and start filling in with short strokes using the tattoo pen.
Leave on overnight (recommended at least 6 hours) and wash face as usual. Use the tinted brow mascara to define and extend wear of the eyebrow tattoo. As color fades, touch up at night using the tattoo pen as needed.