• Shushu Kids Temporary Tattoos Sticker
  • Shushu Kids Temporary Tattoos Sticker
ShuShu Kids Cosmetic

Kids Temporary Tattoos Sticker

$ 12.00

Enjoy your tattoo safely!

Cute and adorable temporary tattoos sticker for kids.


Size: 6 PCS


How to Use:
Remove the protective transparent sheet. Make sure that skin is clean and dry before application.
Place the sticker onto desired area and place a wet cloth firmly onto the paper.
Hold for around 30 seconds and then gently slide the paper off.


To Remove:
1. Use the cleansing oil or remover and then rub until removed gently.
2. Use a cotton wool pad or ball soaked with baby oil or rubbing alcohol, place on the tattoo for 10 seconds and then rub until removed gently.


Discontinue use if following symptoms appear, and consult a physician if symptoms continue to persist.

  • Red rash, swelling, or skin irritation occurs upon application
  • Applied are has similar symptoms due to direct sunlight