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[Idunn] Water Rising Skin Toner 150ml

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Idunn Water Rising Skin Toner

The Granter of Eternal Youthfulness
In Norse mythology, Idunn is an Asgardian goddess.  Idunn was the protector of golden apples of immortality that provided the Asgardians with their youth and long-lives and  granter of eternal youthfulness.  IDUNN, as a cosmeceutical company, strives for every woman’s yearning for beauty and youthfulness.  IDUNN will be a faithful companion until the day when all women possess beautiful skin.

pH Balance, EGF, No Alcohol, No Artificial Color, Natural Main Ingredients

pH Balance
The first sign of damaged skin is  when pH unbalance occurs.  In addition, when chemical residue is left on the skin after cleansing, it alters the pH balance and irritates the skin.  IDUNN Water Rising Skin Toner corrects and balances pH by soothing the skin.

Moisture is one of the skin’s key element that protects from aging.  When the skin is dried, the aging process take place and if it is prolonged, it will accelerate the process.  Thus, moisturizing is very important and this is  the major function of the skincare product.

IDUNN Water Rising Toner also acts as primer to help your makeup stay on longer.  It also reduce unwanted shine and redness on skin, provides a smooth surface for makeup to be applied, nourish skin and moisturize.

No Alcohol, No Artificial Coloring
IDUNN Water Rising Toner completely eliminates alcohol that dries up the skin and artificial coloring that irritates the skin.

Hypoallergenic Fragrance
IDUNN Water Rising Skin Toner also made sure that fragrance is as much hypoallergenic as possible.

Natural Prescription
When developing the formula for IDUNN Water Rising Skin Toner, we use natural ingredients as much as possible.

Skin Nourishment and Soothing
IDUNN Water Rising Skin Toner penetrates deep into the skin to nourish and soothe the skin.

Hydrolyzed Collagen
This anti-aging substance is known for effectively strengthening and improving the appearance of skin.

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