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[Idunn] Facial Mist Hydro Supply Spray 100ml

$ 13.00 $ 18.00

Idunn Facial Mist Hydro Supply Spray 100ml

Idunn Facial Mist supplies more than abundant moisture to the face.  It is soothing and protects skin from pollutants and dryness.  Mineral water helps to absorb the moist rapidly into the skin.  Witch Hazel revives the tired skin. It's small and portable so you can take anywhere you go and moisturize your face at anytime!

Mineral Water, Dicotyledon Flower Seed Extract, Lime Oil, Allatoin, Bergamot Fruit Oil, Witch Hazel, Bio-Sccharide Sword, Biotin, Green Tea Extract

Recommend To:
  • Dry skin caused by air conditioner or heating
  • Sensitive skin after waxing or shaving
  • Damaged skin by sunlight or heat
  • Skin without elasticity
  • Dark and swollen complexion

How to Use:
Spray on face or desired body parts as times as you want!


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