• Shangpree Green Premium Modeling Mask
  • Shangpree Green Premium Modeling Mask

Green Premium Modeling Mask

$ 15.00

$ 12.00

Spa Treatment at Home

Luxurious Spa Treatment for more translucent skin with a luminous glow!
Infused with green botanicals, calming & refreshing Green Gel and Active Spirulina Powder work together to relax your skin and revitalize your complexion with our trademark Esthtician Formula.

Green Gel - Strengthens skin barrier while preventing blemishes, dryness & fine lines.
Active Spirulina Powder - Fights free radicals, aging, allergies & blemishes for healthier, smoother and more revitalized skin.

Calming / Revitalizing / Refreshing


Green Gel 50g
Active Spirulina Powder 4.5g
Mixing Bowl & Spatula


How to Use:
Cleanse and tone your skin.
Empty the entire contents of ①Green Gel and ②Active Spirulina Powder into a bowl and use a spatula to mix them together for about 30 seconds.
Spread the mask evenly over the face (3mm thick) within about 5 minutes, before it starts to set.
Leave on for 30 minutes. Peel it off in one piece. Proceed with skin care routine. (One set of Gel & Powder is for a single application and please use it immediately after opening the packets.)