• SCINIC Dual Rubber Mask
  • SCINIC Dual Rubber Mask
  • SCINIC Dual Rubber Mask

Dual Rubber Mask - Soothing Wrapping

$ 8.50

Protective Barrier Care!

The highly concentrated ampoule base in hydrating texture makes red, sore skin feel cool and soft.

Intensive Protective Film Care: Soothes irritated skin caused by harmful external environment and forms a protective film to keep skin healthy.
Real Rubber Mask: The sheet rubber mask prevents the evaporation of active substances and soothes skin with the refreshing cooling feel of rubber pack.


STEP 01. Cream Pack : 5ml
STEP 02. Rubber Pack Pouch : 45g


How to Use:
1. After washing the face, apply STEP 01 Cream Pack on the face to provide nourishment to skin.
2. Open STEP 02 Rubber Pack Pouch, remove the film, and place on the face by aligning with the contour of the face, making sure the sheet does not overlap.
3. Remove the mask after 20-30 minutes and gently pat the face to promote the absorption of the cream pack residue into skin.

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