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Daeng gi meo ri

Doori Daeng Gi Meo Ri Ki Gold Premium 3Shampoos set for Hair Loss, Thin Hair, Gr

$ 42.00

The key feature of DAENG GI MEO RI which has made a great impact on the chemical shampoo market lies in the secret traditional production method. Unlike any other simple chemical mixtures, DAENG GI MEO RI contains 30 medicinal herbs and first grade purified water that have been decocted for 72 hours, including Siberian chrysanthemum grown in the farm under direct management, for long time in a traditional way at the plant located in Geumsan, Korea. The colors of all Daeng Gi Meo Ri products are the colors of medicinal herbal extracts themselves without artificial colors. Main Ingredients and benefits: Siberian Chrysanthemum : Keeps scalp clean. Cnidium Officinale : Promotes blood circulation, increases the strength and elasticity of hair. Steamed Rehmannia Glutinosa : Blackens hair, strengthening effect. Ginseng : Promotes blood circulation, accelerates metabolism, prevents gray hair. Green Tea : Provides nutrition to hair roots, astringent effect, dandruff removal. Eclipta Prostrata : Strengthens immunity, promotes hair growth. Licorice Root : Sebum control, anti-inflammation effect, hair loss prevention effect. Angelica Gigas : Anti-oxidative effect, prevents skin aging. Iris : Provides elasticity and nutrition to hair. Sophora Flavescens : Bacterial control effect, uterus contraction effect. Menthol : Refreshing feel. Panthenol Content : Hair moisturizing, cornification improvement. Korea's No.1 DAENG GI MEO RI - Representative Awards 2011, 2010, 2009 Selected as "Grand Prize for brand of the Year". (3 consecutive years) 2008, 2007, 2006 No.1 Market share in Korea for shampoo & conditioner. (3 consecutive years)

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