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[AlfreDog] Complete PUPPY Grooming Set for All Puppies

$ 37.00 $ 63.00

Puppy Shampoo + Multi-Conditioner + Ear Cleaner + Mouth Wash

AlfreDog - Premium PUPPY Grooming Products for Precious Pets

Pet care line by award-winning Korean haircare brand DaengGiMeoRi!!

AlfreDog includes Eco-certified organic natural ingredients that are safe and effective for pet grooming.  This listing is for PUPPY Shampoo/Rinse Set.

The set includes:
1 Puppy Shampoo/Rinse for All Dogs 580g.
1 Multi Conditioner 150ml - Long lasting Aroma & Static Prevention
1 Ear Cleaner 150 ml
1 Mouth Wash 150 ml  

When you buy this set, you receive one free gift out of Multi-Conditioner, Pet Ear Cleaner or Pet Mouth Wash.

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