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Cica Redness Cover Cushion

$ 34.00

$ 27.20

A cica cushion that creates a natural complexion with comforting coverage, and soothes the skin with calming green base

The beige cover base adheres perfectly to the skin with fresh moist sensation with natural coverage, and the green soothing base containing skin soothing cicario™ covers the redness to make the skin bright and vibrant.
Gives dull skin tone instant tone up effect for bright skin look, no sebum control powder for fresh silky skin finish.
Non chemical absorption 100% prevent system to reduce skin irritation sun care.


Size: 14g + Refill 14g


Color :
#13 Vanilla Beige
#21 Light Beige
#23 Natural Beige


How to Use:
Press the sponge with the puff to take an appropriate amount, evenly apply on the face, and gently pat to promote absorption into skin.