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Cleansing Water with Iceland Moss Extracts (83%)!

Cleansing Water with Iceland Moss Extracts (83%) known for their anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that cleanse skin, remove residue and dirt, leaves skin moist and clear without tightness or dryness.

  • No-rinse cleanser, easy & quick cleansing at a time.
  • 5-in-1 perfect cleansing even for the heavy makeup. Base makeup cleansing, point makeup cleansing, dead skin cell care, remove tiny residues in skin pore, moisturizing toner function.
  • 6 kinds of natural ingredients for skin hydrating, refreshing, soothing without the need for double cleansing.


Size: 260ml


How to Use:
Apply an appropriate amount of cleansing water on the cotton pad.
Put the cotton pad on the region of the point make-up for 3-5 seconds for better absorption and clean it by pressing on it.
Place the cotton in between your middle and ring finger and cleanse in an outward direction.
Use the back side of the cotton pad and clean the make-up residue once more.