Thank You Farmer

Thank You Farmer Be Beautiful Pure Makeup Base

$ 34.00

A tone-correcting makeup base!

A tone-correcting makeup base with a soft texture that creates clear, transparent and natural skin.

  • Natural tone correction with a hydrating formula that applies smoothly and penetrates quickly on skin.
  • Gives clarity to dull skin tone that lacks vitality.
  • Neutralize redness for a clean, clear skin tone.
  • Watery touch finishing
  • Recommended for those who are concerned about dull skin tone.
  • Applies smoothly so it can be free of caking!
  • Triple-functional product for sunscreen, whitening, and wrinkle correction.

All types of skin especially dull skin that lack of radiance and vitality.


Size: 40ml


How to Use:
Apply to clean skin after skincare. Smooth evenly over entire face.