After Brazilian Waxing Soothing Mask

$ 6.00

Skin soothing, Antibacterial, Anti-inflammation and Moisturizing after Brazilian Waxing!

After Brazilian Waxing Mask leaves your skin feeling refreshed while reducing bacterial growth in the pores. Using only the finest ingredients such as Aloe, Hemp-seed oil, and bamboo extracts.
- Aloe vera helps soothe skin and reduces redness.
- Natural Hemp seed oil is known to be a natural pain reliever which is perfect to use after waxing.
- Bamboo extracts calms your skin; it is enriched in amino and which makes your skin healthy and radiant.
Indulge your skin with this high-quality mask made with 100% cotton. Free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, synthetic colors, and formaldehyde.
100% cruelty-free, 100% non-GMO, and 100% gluten-free


Size: 25g / 1 piece
1 Box = 3 PCS


How to Use:
After Brazilian waxing, detaching the mask sheet from cover.
Cover the skin with the mask sheet.
Remove the Brazilian waxing mask sheet after 10-20 minutes and gently tap over the skin to let the remaining essence absorbed.