• VTXBT21 Airfit Tattoo Brow
  • VTXBT21 Airfit Tattoo Brow
  • VTXBT21 Airfit Tattoo Brow
VT Cosmetics

VTXBT21 Airfit Tattoo Brow

$ 26.00

VT X BT21 Collaboration!

Complete in two steps!
All day perfect brow A two-step eyebrow that can be used in narrow, wide angles. The water-drop shaped tip and the screw brush draws eyebrows naturally.

2 type applicators Mascara brush and tip combined mascara makes it easy to complete eyebrow makeup.
- Curved type : For coloring from thick head of eyebrow to thin end.
- Thin type : For fine eyebrow line like pencil-drawn.

Smooth when applying, dry after applying .
Liquid to powder formulation Tattoo brow does not easily smear by external stimulus and creates natural eyebrow by coloring the empty parts between eyebrow.

Blending texture without smearing. The creamy textures lightly fit into eyebrows, completing neat eyebrows quickly and easily without lumps.


Size: 7g


#01 Chocolate Latte (Mang)
#03 Cafe Latte (Shooky)
#04 Vanilla Latte (RJ)


How to Use:
Apply mascara from the eyebrow head to the tail and the color eyebrow by using water-drop shaped tip horizontally.
Draw a line of eyebrow tail with the water-drop shaped tip and complete the entire brow line.


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